If you’re trying yoga for the first time, it can be hard to know what to expect. Here are some common things to keep in mind before your first class:

  • Avoid eating too much before class
    Doing yoga on a full stomach is not recommended. If you are going to eat before a class, opt for a light snack that won’t weigh you down.
  • Dress comfortably
    Wear something that will allow you to move freely into each pose. If you are doing a hot yoga class, consider wearing layers that you can take off as you go. A t-shirt or tank top and active leggings are generally a safe bet. Socks are typically not worn in a yoga class.
  • Come prepared
    In addition to wearing the right clothes, you should also bring the necessary equipment. If you do not own a mat or have forgotten a towel, NUyoga offers mats and towels to rent for a small fee. It’s important to stay hydrated, so bring a bottle of water. Filtered water is also available on site. Students can leave their personal belongings in temporary lockers, but students must bring their own lock.
  • Arrive early
    Showing up late to class can be a distraction to the teacher and your fellow students. Try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes to give yourself enough time to change, set up your mat and speak to your teacher about any questions or concerns that you may have.
  • Go at your own pace
    There’s a difference between feeling a stretch and pain during a yoga class. Listen to what your body is telling you and only go as far as you feel comfortable. Tell your teacher that this is your first time doing yoga and he or she will do their best to keep an eye on you throughout the class.

NUyoga is honoured to be your first introduction to the magic of yoga. If you have any questions about your first class, feel free to contact us or visit our hot yoga studio in Mississauga. 

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