All For One Yoga

Embrace the power of NU yoga. We are an inclusive, accessible and affordable yoga studio where we encourage people to grow in their practice while having fun in a NU community.

At NU yoga, we believe that everyone should be able to experience the magic of yoga in a studio that welcomes anyone with the passion to learn. Forget about what you think you know about yoga! NU yoga is built on a community of diverse yogis, free of judgment and expectations, our students thrive because they can grow their practice in a safe and inviting space.

We want to break down all of the barriers that discourage people from trying yoga in the first place – one of the biggest being the cost. NU yoga’s affordable prices empower everyone to try our classes. Our dynamic team of teachers can take you through a variety of different yoga styles offered in either hot, warm or regular temperature yoga rooms. All of this is housed in our luxurious and welcoming studio that feels like a home away from home.

The NU yoga community is based on passion, acceptance and diversity. By extending a hand to seasoned yogis and curious minds alike, we hope to help everyone discover and live their authentic self.

Yoga for all. All for one yoga.

What is NU yoga?

NU yoga is an inclusive and affordable boutique yoga studio.

How does NU yoga work?

We set affordable prices for our auto reNU and non-auto reNU packages.

What does NU yoga do?

Build community and inspire healthy living through a variety of yoga classes.

Where is NU yoga?

NU yoga is located at 1077 North Service Rd. in Mississauga.



What drives NU yoga?

The belief that yoga should be accessible to everyone.

Why NU yoga?

NU yoga is a judgment free space where students can thrive.

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