Find Your Yoga Fit

There’s a lot to love about yoga, but one of our favorite things is its versatility. Whether you’re looking to push your limits in a physically demanding class or take a quiet breather from the day-to-day hustle, yoga has something for everyone.

If you’re new to yoga, you might wonder what class is the right choice for you. Let’s do a quick rundown of some of the most common styles of yoga which we teach our students in our Yoga Studio:


Known as the yoga of balance, hatha is all about your alignment and syncing your breath with movement. It’s a great way to become comfortable with yoga if you’re just starting out or want to slow things down. At NU Yoga, our teachers devote extra time to each pose to help you improve your alignment and build strength. Our Gentle Hatha, Hatha Flow or Hatha Level 1-2 classes vary in difficulty and focus to keep you on your toes and deepen your practice.


It’s all about going with the flow when it comes to vinyasa. Expect to move quickly from one pose to another and really get your heart rate going in a vinyasa class. It incorporates all elements of yoga so teachers have the opportunity to get creative with their sequences. You’ll get an extra energy boost to prep you for the rest of your day.


While hatha and vinyasa yoga focus on breath, power yoga zeroes in on the body. Challenge your inner warrior by powering through one of NU Yoga’s vinyasa-style classes. The quick pace of power yoga is sure to energize you and put you in the mindset to conquer the world. Power yoga is a great way to incorporate strength training in your practice. Hope you like chaturanga!

The best part of yoga is that nothing is fixed. You can incorporate all of these styles into your practice if you listen to your body and put in the time. NU Yoga Mississauga offers these styles and more to students in Mississauga and other cities like etobicoke. If you’re looking to start your practice, expand your practice or mix up your usual routine, check out our class schedule to find your next opportunity. See you on the mat!


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